About Us



We would not be able to offer you any models if it were not for Dan.

RX Sleeve started out 10 years ago as a small company, in Southern California, creating products for men who may be suffering one form or another of Performance anxiety or Erectile Dysfunction.

The emails began to roll in and questions regarding health consistently arrived to our in-box daily.  Couples were desperate and looking for help.  The stories we receive are not easy to forget once the email has been read, the situations our customers are experiencing is not for the faint of heart.  Men undergo prostate surgery, implantations, suffer from health complications, are diagnosed clinically depressed and have suffered catastrophic injuries.  By the time they come to RX Sleeve, they have exhausted all prescribed means and are looking for a simple solution to be close to their partner.

Let's get back to Dan, in the early days, he read every email and would work one-on-one with our clients to create a product for their exact situation.  He'd send samples to men he developed relationships with and would ask them to experiment with new concepts he was interested in creating.  Dan eventually was able to create two options for customers: Minimal style at a lower price point and Premium for an absolute realistic appearance.  He has designed multiple models that meet the criteria of thousands of men that he has worked with over the years.

Join the thousands of men who trust Dan & RX Sleeve.

The goal of RX Sleeve is to "Keep Couples Close", that's what we do.