When you physically touch a “RX Sleeve”, you will notice the soft texture and realistic features.  Our models do not have a chemical smell and are certified skin safe.  Our goal is to provide an avenue which allows you to remain close to your partner in private.  Sensation for the user comes from the friction of the silicone within the sleeve.  We understand your life may be different now, your body is changing and we are here to help.

A few differences between a low cost internet products and a RX Sleeve model:

  • RXSleeve uses Skin SAFE materials !!
  • Made with Higher Priced / Higher Quality platinum silicone
  • Every model is handmade (in the USA) once an order is placed 
  • Models designed with both you and your partner in mind
  • Several internal hole sizes to choose from. 
  • Our "Grip Harness system" will not slip off, does not hurt putting on, and is comfortable to wear  
  • We have excellent customer service located in California
  • We offer 2 types of silicone firmnesses Standard and Firm


  • Ideal for men who are able to achieve an erection
  • Good for men that are able to achieve an erection and lose stiffness during sex (but do not become completely limp)
  • Good for men looking to add Girth or Length
  • When ordering a custom hole with standard material, the girth measurement can be your size or up to 1/2" smaller.
  • The material will stretch to produce a snug fit when you order a custom inner hole smaller than your size.
  • Our softest and most life like feeling material


  • Ideal for men who are unable to achieve an erection
  • Good for men that quickly loose their erection
  • Exact measurements are required when ordering FIRM
  • With FIRM material, the length & girth of the hole should be your actual size or slightly larger. 
  • The Grip Harness system is pre-attached to your model  (Helps keep the model in place)

    With all FIRM products, the top portion (Head/Gland) is made using the STANDARD material.  The Remaining shaft portion is made  using the FIRM material.  This is done for the comfort of your partner. (See the illustration below)

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