We offer (2) types of material, Standard & Firm.  Below is a description that explains which material may be best for you.


  • Is ideal for men who are able to achieve an erection
  • Men that are able to achieve an erection and lose stiffness during sex (but do not become completely limp)
  • When ordering a custom hole with standard material, the girth measurement can be your size or 1/2" smaller.
  • The material will stretch to produce a snug fit when you order a custom inner hole smaller than your size.
  • Most lifelike feeling material
  • Softest material 


  • The tip/head is made of the softer STANDARD material for the comfort of your partner
  • Is ideal for men who are not able to achieve an erection or quickly loose their erection
  • Exact measurements are required when ordering FIRM
  • When ordering a custom hole with FIRM material, the length & girth must be your actual size.  This is important, so you may be able to insert yourself into the hole.
  • We recommend to add to The Grip to your model to keep it in place at all times, for erection loss.

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