When you feel a “RX Sleeve”, you will notice the soft texture and realistic features.  Our models do not have a chemical smell and are certified skin safe.  Our goal is to provide an avenue which allows you to remain close to your partner in private.  Sensation for the user comes from the friction of the silicone within the sleeve.  We understand your life may be different now, your body is changing and we are here to help.

The differences between a low cost internet model and RX Sleeve are outlined below:

  • Multiple models
  • Designed with expensive platinum silicone
  • Every model is handmade (in the USA) once an order is placed 
  • A custom internal hole can be added to closely fit your dimensions
  • Our harness "The Grip" will not slip off, is easy to put on and comfortable  
  • We have excellent customer service located in California
  • Most importantly, we offer 2 types of silicone firmnesses Standard & Firm

Standard Silicone is ideal for men who maintain a healthy erection, seeking to add length or girth.  Men who may also become limp during intercourse can select the standard silicone – however if the erection is mostly flaccid we do not recommend this firmness. Ideally, the wall thickness must be ¼ of an inch for the standard firmness to remain firm for intercourse.  Any measurement less than 1/4", you may want to consider the Firm silicone. 

Firm Silicone is for men who cannot achieve an erection and are seeking to insert themsleves with the assistance of a sleeve to penetrate their partner. Firm models are made with both Standard and Firm  silicone.  The head/tip of the model is poured with our Standard silicone which is soft, this will provide a comfortable texture for your partner.  The shaft of the model is designed with Firm silicone which will allow the shaft to remain solid during sex.  When ordering Firm silicone, you must have exact measurements of your length and girth.  This silicone does not retract, the inner hole is a solid circle (similar to the inside of a beverage cup), if you place your fist in a cup there are areas where your hand does not touch the sides.  Measuring yourself is important and will make the difference for your model to fit you properly.  If you have any questions, please call or email us.


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