RX Sleeve offers handmade models with two degrees of realistic painting:  Minimal  and  Premium

There is no paint involved in the color shading of our models,  we use the word paint as a general term.  Each color pigmentation is hand mixed into the silicone, the color will never fade or wear off.  The painted silicone will remain in tact for the life of your model.  Depending on the type of painting you select, more colors are added for a realistic appearance.

Minimal models are lightly "painted" with additional colored silicone at the head and shaft. Unlike the Premium models, the head and shaft will have shiny appearance.  Although, the shaft will have a matte texture  added.  Minimal painted models are a lower price point option.

Premium models are "painted" with up to 10 different pigmentation shades of silicone.  Premium models are colored to resemble an actual man's penis.  Several veins, slight imperfections, a circumcision line, the shaft is made lighter towards the head and darker near the pelvic area (like a biological male).   A fine matte finish is applied as a final appliqué to greatly remove any shine.  The premium option is an additional cost of $175, which can be added to any of our models.  If you would like to design your model with Premium Painting , you may select this option during checkout. 

Below a caramel colored Capistrano Model is shown in both Minimal and Premium painting.


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