Our Grip Harness System will keep your sleeve in place at all times.

The Grip is adhered to the sleeve, it is made of platinum silicone and stretches comfortably around the testicles. It is not removable and will be attached to your sleeve at all times. The material is not tight, does not pinch your skin when adjusting and is actually simple to apply and remove.  Each Grip comes with an adjustable 51" belt that allows the sleeve to stay in exact position during sex. Inside of The RX Sleeve Grip is a 2" wide hole that you must insert your penis inside of to wear the model.  This hole is stretchable and provides a secure fit around the penis, prior to placing your penis in the sleeve hole.  This dual patented hole design will ensure that the penis stays in place and with the addition of the security belt, the sleeve can be worn for extended play time. The Grip can be worn with or without the belt.

The Grip has been designed and Patented for comfort and usability.                           

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