Custom Inner Hole

Creating a sleeve that properly fits you - 

The Custom Inner Hole option allows you the ability to select a hole other than the free standard size.  We offer 3 (three) different internal size options for each sleeve.  The hole sizes provided will not jeopardize the integrity of the model and provide a sufficient wall thickness to encompass your penis.

When selecting a hole, a few general rules for proper measuring apply:

  1. The length of the hole should be the same as your measured length.
  2. The girth of models made in FIRM should be your actual erect girth measurement.  This type of material does not stretch very much.
  3. The girth of models made in STANDARD can be made 1/2" smaller than your actual girth.  For example, if your girth is 5" when erect, we recommend a 4.5" girth for your hole.  The 1/2" allows the sleeve to hug your penis and create a suction.

Custom Inner Hole orders are non-refundable or returnable

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