Top 10 Mistakes other "off the shelf" companies make 

Purchasing from RX Sleeve will prevent these mistakes:

1. Internal hole is not large enough to fit properly and it hurts;

2. Material is too hard and will not stretch around your penis;

3. Paint rubs off and can be harmful for your partner;  

4. Material is toxic, made of harsh chemicals that can irritate and burn skin;

5. Poor selection and limited sizes without any options;

6. Inferior testicles loops are very painful to put on and take off;

7. Products do not consider the uniques physical and phycological factors involved;

8. Extenders with very soft material can flop and remain limp; 

9. Sheaths, Extenders etc. have poor functionality and will not remain in place;

10. Customer Service is overseas and are very difficult to reach. 

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